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cold storage in india

Welcome to Iceberg Climate Technologies. , we engage to design and manufacture the customized Refrigeration, Heating, Humidification, misting and Ventilation equipments with more than fifteen years of experience and we have gathered a spectrum of knowledge with regard to application of the Cooling, Freezing, Heating and Ventilation system in various applications in industries.

We specialized to produce the equipment with high degree of quality and up dated technology to suit specific requirement of industrial applications with OZONE friendly [CFC free] refrigerants.

We presence the range of custom products like Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration equipments, Chilled & Frozen storage, Step-In, Walk-In , Eutectic Cooler & Freezer, Process fluid chilling system and Precision Ventilation & Humidification systems.
Most suited for a wide spectrum of applications in industries like Food & Beverages, Dairy, Livestock [Cattle & Poultry], Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Wood, Paper, Textile, Floriculture and Bio banking.

We are single source for responsibility of design, manufacture, installation and post-sale service support with experienced and competent engineers.

Well experienced in cold storage ,vegetable storage,meat storage in freezer and vaccine storage in coimbatore,India.

cold storage in india
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