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air heating units india

Air Heating units

Fluid Heating system


Air Heating units


We have specialised knowledge and experience in air handling equipment for producing the most cost effective and energy efficient system for heating with ventilating today's modern factory buildings and process air heating system. We design and manufacture the right equipment to suit any given application like warehouses, food process and any customized requirement.


This extensive range of high quality, high performance, and low cost warm air heaters offers an efficient solution to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. There is a choice of wide range of outputs that can match any heating requirement, varying from 15kW right through to 800kW heat output. The units can be specified for either free blowing or ducted operations and therefore offer complete flexibility of installation.


1.Indirect  Oil, LPG Fired and Electric Units

2.Internal & External Models

3. Airflow Rate up to 36m³/s

4.Heat Output above 800kW with dual skid as an option

5.Air Pressure up to 2500Pa

6.Stainless Steel High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

7. Standard, Classified Air filter system is an optional for appropriate application.

Air Heating units india

Fluid Heating system


Indirect Fired Water Heaters


Manufactured in many sizes from 30,000 to 12, 00,000 BTU, gas or oil fired models. These heaters are recommended for low temperature types of supply water heating applications requiring temperatures up to 190F. They are also used for combination closed system / supply water heating applications. Efficient water to water heating using built in copper heat exchangers, Stainless steel heat exchangers are available in these units.


The Indirect Fired Water Heater is an industrial quality unit designed for economically heating large volumes of domestic or process water for commercial and industrial applications. The all bronze and copper heat transfer coil eliminates the possibility of rust throughout the water passages. The indirect principle of heating the process water with sealed-in primary water combined with controlled circulation minimizes the possibility of scaling within the heat transfer coil. We are well experienced in Glygol heating system also.


The Indirect Hot Water heaters 30M to 1200M BTU for heating water from 80° F to 190° F, atmospheric fired


Also great for Swimming Pools, Heat Pump Applications, Anaerobic Digester or Sludge Heating.


Indoor models only.

Fluid heating system india
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