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There are two different procedures that can be applied to increase the degree of moisture in the air.

Adiabatic humidification / High pressure Mist Humidification >>

Isothermal humidification / Electrode Humidification >>


Adiabatic humidification / High pressure Mist Humidification


High pressure misting system [70 to 120 bars] moistening space up to 99% and cooling down to wet bulb thermometer temperature. Water mist particles (<15micron) sprayed at high pressure in misting system evaporates by absorbing the heat of the ambient air and causes the ambient air temperature to decrease and humidity ratio to increase. This technological natural effect enables creating miracles in the industry, agriculture, tourism, entertainment sector and various field of daily life.


The adiabatic process does not involve the contribution of thermal energy from an external source:


The water is finely atomised and introduced into the environment. The heat required to transform the water from liquid to vapour is supplied by the air, which is consequently cooled.


In the isothermal humidification process, the water vapor is dispersed in the environment after having been created by boiling water. This procedure requires the contribution of an external source of energy to change the state of the water. As the temperature of the water vapour is higher than that of the air, the temperature of the air tends to increase.

High pressure Mist Humidification india

The highly reliable, robustly engineered rack incorporates a system of high-pressure pumps, which pressurize demineralized water. This ultra-clean water flows through a network of stainless steel tubes and then through the nozzles. Each self-contained rack includes a system operating control panel that allows the system to rate safely and energy efficiently.

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Electrode Humidification india

Isothermal humidification / Electrode Humidification

Isothermal humidifier for steam production, the steam is produced from the water contained cylinder (connected to the mains). The water boils and evaporates due to the electric current generated by two immersed electrodes in the cylinder.

isothermal humidification india

1. The full range features 5 models, rated from 1.5 to 45 kg/h (3.3 to 100 lbs. /hr.).

Each capable of modulating the steam flow from 20% of the rated flow to 100%, according to the external demand.


Smaller and special compact unit is available when space is a real concern (max 3 kg/h / 6.6 lbs. /hr., 230 Vac 1-phases).

4. The Electrode steam humidifier  is reduced dimensions, installation easiness and flexibility flexibility.
Control electronic is separated and can be installed inside of an electrical panel. It is available without display / integrated or remote display (the display can be separated with an optional kit).
The kit contains the unit of reduced dimension with drain pump, solenoid valve and interconnection hoses, one cylinder and one control electronic board.
7. This type is particularly suitable for air handling units.
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