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Demand  oriented  FA Handling system


General description


Air handling unit manufacturing system that is designed to provide fresh, filtered and conditioned air to the process or workplace. It is customized in a variety of configurations to suit the particular application.


It is manufactured from a galvanised steel frame construction. Doors, floor and side walls are made of double skinned aluminium or PCGI sheet filled with 40mm thick (PUF or EPS) insulation. EPDM seals are applied all round the unit.


Fresh air is drawn into the unit via a centrifugal fan through a rain proof, drip-proof inflow cowl and a filter grid based on Oxygen demand.


Functions and options


Providing supply of fresh air which is filtered by suitable and qualified filter grid (0.3 to 20 mic) and discharged.


The filter section consists of bag or box filters which are fixed in a frame with rapid fasteners allowing them to be replaced from the front, quickly and easily.


Standard, Classified Air filter system is an optional for appropriate application.


Oxygen demand is measured by CO2 sensor and replenished by centrifugal fan with VFD.


Heating of the inlet air with an Electric Spiro-fin heater grid


Cooling of the inlet air with multi row Cu-Alu finned cooling coil.

air handling unit india
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