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Refrigerated Air Handling Units


In general, outside air is drawn through the air intake by the air handling unit (AHU). Once in the system, supply air is filtered to remove particulate matter (mold, allergens, and dust), heated or cooled, and then circulated throughout the required space via the air distribution system, which is typically a system of supply ducts and diffusers.


The air distribution system also includes a return air system so that conditioned supply air is returned to the AHU where it is mixed with supply air, re-filtered, re-conditioned, and re-circulated throughout the space. This is usually accomplished by drawing air from the occupied space and returning it to the AHU by return air ducts.


The process of cooling and heating to condition the drawn air by refrigerating machine and Heating grids with the capacity range of 1000 cfm 10,000 cfm


Functions and options

  Providing supply of fresh air which is filtered by suitable and qualified filter grid (0.3 to 20 mic).

The filter section consists of box filters which are fixed in a frame with rapid fasteners allowing them to be replaced quickly and easily.


Standard, Classified Air filter system is an optional for appropriate application.


Oxygen demand control unit is an optional


The refrigerating unit supplied with CFC free refrigerant, hematic scroll, semihermatic reciprocating compressors and as of split or packaged air-cooled based on capacity.


Heating grid consists of an Electric Spiro-fin, mono or multi row heaters as required.

Refrigerated AH Units
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